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Amusing Ourselves to Death: Chapter 8
March 8, 2010, 7:25 am
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Apparently, long distance praise doesn’t count.

Postman’s next target would be those TV preachers that we see on those access channels on Sundays (actually, it’s more of an everyday thing now.) This is the shortest chapter in the book, I’m almost sure of it. He goes deep enough into his analysis to prove that religion (and everything else) has to change to become televisable. What does this mean? Well, simply that the type of experience we  get from watching church is different from the one we get from going to church.

I’m not sure whether I agree or disagree. I mean, who watches church on TV? I think people who go to church are more likely to, well, go to church. Those who don’t go aren’t watching these channels anyway. Doesn’t necessarily mean he’s wrong. These televised chruch sessions have to try and make everything they do as entertaining as possible (just like any other show) otherwise we won’t watch.

Psst. And we still aren’t watching.

It just makes me wonder if there’s anything that can’t be ‘made for TV’, so to speak. We have court cases, church, autopsies, near-death experiences, cheerleading competitions, sports games, law shows, sex shows, informercials…I mean. Postman’s right that this has become of main way of communicating, but is there anything that we can’t get from channel surfing?

We even get some universal truths from television, too. I found this fellow wordpress blogger’s post to be pretty amusing:  17 Things I’ve Learned about Life from Watching Movies and TV.


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Maybe, but I think we are watching. or else it would be on T.V. but you are right… we aren’t watching… at how ridiculous these televised “church” programs can be… the ones that are predominantly for tricking people into donating to a special cause while these people are really just pocketing the money. Although I disagree, I do agree that our generation doesn’t watch this… it’s the elderly that can make it out to church that I’m guessing watch these programs, and it’s sad to thing they’re being duped by these “religious” tricksters… there are only a few religious programs that are real and sincere, those are the ones that aren’t popular and are on public access… it’s sad. I’ve lost so much of my faith in God because of all this playing up and dressing of religion, on T.V. and even in Church. I just feel, if there is a God, he’ll be proud of me because I’m a pleasant person and I’m unconditional with my love, and that extends past human beings, I love everything equally. 😀

Now I’m trying to think of things that can’t be made for T.V. and the only thing that comes to mind are things that would be prohibited due to the graphic nature of it. lol. Human’s are doomed to one day be machine controlled indefinitely. 😛 I checked out that blog you mentioned, I loved it! and that last one has always baffled me… because I know that’s not possible 90% of the time. hahah. they always make it look crystal clear! There’s actually a graphics person that their whole career is based upon building movie interface technology, its pretty cool stuff! look:

Comment by creativeheart86

I meant the “elderly that CAN’T make it out.” 😛

Comment by creativeheart86

ps. I forgot to mention at how funny that pic that you posted is! I love it! xD

Comment by creativeheart86

very funny, i also see them sometimes on tv im like wtf do u want?! i dont leave it on for more than a minute, its kinda creepy..
remeber the episode from family guy when mag turns into a fanatic christin cuz of these tv shows?? hahah love it

Comment by Tusti

I can’t wait for smell o’ vision and taste o’ vison!
To me, t.v. dulls the real thing or makes them too comfortable. It’s sad that everything can be tv’d or turned into a movie(‘Watchman’ sucked and should of been broken into parts!) tv is the reason that another revolution cannot and will not happen. Tv gives a reason to be preoccupied. Like to get a dream job and a dream life, to be somebody else, to hate each other, go into war with each other, not trust each other, and ultimately make us into zombified killers. Interactive Media save us all!

Comment by bookwiznak

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