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Amusing Ourselves to Death: Chapter 7
February 28, 2010, 2:36 pm
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She only has to act as if she's telling the truth and look pretty while she does.

I will take the opportunity to make a short post (I think I have been averaging on about 500 words a post – I think Postman would be proud…or cynical of our ability to digest such large amounts of information).

Postmas dedicates chapter 7 to analyzing the ‘norm’ when it comes to reporting the news. Again, he maintians that we have lost our ability to be contextually informed and points out that the people who know the current names of the officers in our government and our world’s politicians are in the minority and those who don’t are…well, ignorant. Because, clearly, that is what really makes the difference between being able to think and reason – Knowing which political figures are ignoring our wants and needs.

One thing he does say that I agree with would be that our newscasters are picked to not only appeal to a wide audience but to look truthful.  He even touches on the Regan scandal several times, asserting the idea that it wasn’t that Regan was a liar, only that he looked like a liar. Something, he continues to explain, is dangerous in our society  since we seem to be convinced only by what we see. Telling the truth and looking like a liar is one thing – Lying and looking like you’re telling the truth is another thing altogether.


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i was so surprised reading hat part.. that is, peoples reaction to their facial expressions. like gladwell said with the voters. i think it is very logical though.. the uncounsiosness is not getting the credit it deserves thats for sure! i think there are so manny factors that we allow to influence us, for example if the tv host was wearing the colors of the certain presidential candidate, that would even influence us.

Comment by tusti

We were having a discussion on just this predicament in speech class the other day… many people see those that are pout into “official” positions as being prone to tell the truth… how in the world is beyond me. If a police officer were testifying on the stand, would you believe him/her over a known criminal. Chances are, yes… I for one trust everyone equally. 😛 Great post!

Comment by creativeheart86

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